Ubuntu wants to revolutionize the UI

It would seem that Ubuntu is in a race with Microsoft and Apple to make a massive change to the way we use desktop.  With the HUD and Unity they are trying to moving things in a new way and change the way we all work.  While I am still on the fence on Unity the HUD is something I hope Apple and Microsoft embrace and extend.  This is a nice article from the man himself, Mark Shuttleworth, about his plans for the future of User Interfaces.

The US DOJ is finally done investigating the Novell Patent deal...

The US Department of Justice seems to be done looking into the Patent deals that were a result of the Attachemate merger with Novell.  The good news is that they don't see any red flags.  It's yet to be seen if they will do anything agressive with them.  Linux should be safe becuase the DOJ says there is no way to get them out of the governance of the Open Invention Network.

Episode 55 - Joe can’t drive 55...

Running Time: 49:36

1) Introduction

2) News

Yet another clueless Blogger?

SuSE Joins OpenStack and promises a Supportable release next spring

IBM Joins the Cloud race with a Red Hat Linux based PaaS offering

All Patents are Theft and this story can go with it: Apple granted patent for slide to unlock

3) Conclusion

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