Adeven, wants Mobile Analytics to be Open Source

Readwrite's Matt Asay, Interviewed Paul Muller Adeven about why he thinks Mobile Analytics Toolkits like the one they have created are a better choice for companies.  The article is full of opinions about why it's better.  He explains  some of their problems and why they decided to develop their own toolkit and  then open source it.


Google Motorola Merger has been approved by the EU...

Google and Motorola finally have approval from EU Regulators to go ahead with their merger.  This is good news on teh patent wars front for both Google and Android.  We also want to see them do some more stuff with GoogleTV.  It's good news but they still have to get approval for a half dozen or so other countries.

Is Linux a fragmented operating system... has a great article that discusses how different development is in today's world as compared to say 10 years ago.  They focus on the fact that Linux is at the core of so many devices these days how can you know what hardware platform your app will need to run on?  The article asks lots of interesting quesitons and has some ideas of where we are going.  Where do you think we are headed?  Is having so many different ways to use linux, i.e. Phones, Laptops, tablets, making it harder or easier to program?