Episode 104 – It’s all about Servers Man!!!

We talk about Greg switching Sides, Joe Fighting with a TWC Router, Walt and Brian rebuilding NAS's and Oh Yeah Servers Man!!! What is the Best Linux Distro for Small Businesses? What is the Best Linux Distro for Enterprises? Of course we explain why we feel like we do. So check out the latest edition of the Podcast.

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What was your first tweet? Here were ours....

So there is a page Twitter created that let's you search for yours and anyone else's first public Tweet.  So today I pulled up what each of our first tweets were.  Here they are. Working on idea's for the company....Watch for coming soon  1:32 AM - 21 Jun 2008 (Yes Brian is a night owl. :) If only had ever made any money. )

Brian Wagner(@Wags007) : My first Twiit 5:41 PM - 27 May 2008

Joe Leuzzi(@AviarAmidar):  I am working 9:41 AM - 6 May 2008

Walt Jevak(@wjevack) He serious has never sent a Tweet.  No really ever. 

Jason Didonato(@jxmxdx): I am doing my homework that my computer master has instructed me to do! 10:04 PM - 3 Aug 2008

Greg Martin(@gregfmartin) His is lost because he deleted his account then reactivated it.


Now go on out and check out what your first Tweet was.