One of the simplest ways to tunnel your traffic securely...

So the folks over at wrote up a great tutorial for tunneling through SSH.  What's so great about that?  Well it's an easy way to do simple stuff securely on your home or office network.  You only need to open up port 22 for SSH and point it to an SSH Server.  Then you can point to a local port and use SSH to get it to your destination server securely.

Wait...Can't someone just login to my machine that way?  If you take percausions like using only SSH Keys and not passwords and use a gawk script like this one over at  This script will create and send you a cool list of everyone who has and has tried logging in. 

WARNING!!!! I have had several customers and friends notice that their SSH Servers just get pounded with people trying to connect using default or bogus accounts.  So be sure to disable, remove or set the shell to /bin/false any account you aren't using.

Do you want to Hangout and Talk GIT and Linux?

Git It On Tuesday, March 27 at 9pm EST

The Crew and I will be joining up with Mike Jansen in a Google+ Hangout right after we record the next podcast.  We plan to discuss git, linux, and other related topics.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  So come on over there and join us.

This is informal and all are welcome to join. If you have any specific topics you'd like to discuss, comment on this post.

Building a low power home server for less than $80....

So my friend Walt was looking for a way to store his media on his network.  He had been running a freeNAS box for years but really wanted to turn off the loud power hunger 10 year old machine in the corner.  So he started researching and first converted a $30 PogoPlug to ArchLinux.  This worked but while surfing he found out that a GoFlex could also be converted to run ArchLinux.  As he discusses this gives him two advantages.  The first is internal 1GB SATA disk is going to be faster than any USB drive.  The second is by having an internal disk he can assign a real swap space.  It also will let things comiple faster in Arch.  Check out his articles and let us know what you would do with the server.