Microsofts Linux Skype Servers

I'm sure almost everyone reading this site has used skype at one time or another.  After Microsoft purchased Skype a lot of people wondered what type of changes Microsoft would make to this software, as we all know, sooner or later it will be Redmondized.  

One of the first big changes comes in the way that Skype handles it's peer to peer networking in regards to the supernodes being used.   Microsoft has put together thousands of linux servers that will act as the supernodes to Skype.  Check out what we think about this, and then read the article over on arstechnica.

Our Ubuntu Stories

On the podcast we discussed a couple of Ubuntu stories.  We try not to focus too much on any one distro and try to spread the love, so I figured I would just mention both of the stories in the same post here.  (That and Skyrim is calling me, so I need to get these posted to get Brian off my back!)  

So, the first Ubuntu story we discussed covered the past present and future of Ubuntu courtesy of


Our second story, was brought to us by Phoronix and discusses more of the shipping statistics of Ubuntu and their numbers in this regard.

Open Source Morrowind

If you have ever listened to the show, you may have come to notice, that not only am I a linux junkie, but I love to game as well.  I originally played Morrowind on the original Xbox, and on then on the PC.  I have been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series for a while and seeing that an open source initiative is being worked on is pretty sweet.   Check out the details on the project here.