Nvidia Joins the Linux Foundation

Another story we touched on in the podcast was that Nvidia finally joined the Linux Foundation.  Over at the h-online.com they had a brief posting on what this might mean for open source drivers, and we discuss our thought on this.

An Ubuntu Survey?

Well we recorded the podcast the other day, and I told Brian I would post the stories on the site.  The first story we discuss is this very interesting survey over at omgubuntu.  You definitely need to listen to the podcast for our discussion on this, as Brian was very surprised at the discussion Corey and I had in regards to this.

Useful Linux Commands

I was reading through some of my RSS feed today and saw this little post on unixmen.com that I thought I would share.  While most linux admins may be familiar with these commands, I like to post little findings like this just in case one of these may come in handy for someone.