Ever wonder how Netflix stays up when AWS has problems?

It turns out that they developed a program called Chaos Monkey.  They have also announced that they are going to be releasing it as open source.  This is great news if your company is plannig on deploying applications to the cloud.  This type of planning is generally what has plagued the companies that have had issues when Amazon Web Services has had issues in the past. 

Episode 71 - Azure supports Linux...Sort of

Running Time:48:00
1) Introduction
Brian has been playing with this:
Brian has ordered a Raspberry Pi   Thinking maybe he should have ordered the MK802 for $74 running
2) News
Linux Mint PC's on Sale More about the system: mintBox
3) Conclusion
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Are you looking for a way to back up on S3?

Have you ever wanted to back up to S3?  How about Google Storage or Rack Space's storage solution?  There is an amazing little piece of software that will let you create a drive.  It really does a lot more than that.  It also encrypts everything you put up there.  It compresses it and it does de-duplication.  Wait there is more, it also does copy-on-write snapshotting, is optimized for high performance and supports low bandwidth connections.  

So what's it called?  S3QL written and maintained by Nikolaus Rath.

Here is how they describe it:

S3QL effectively provides a hard disk of dynamic, infinite capacity that can be accessed from any computer with internet access running Linux, FreeBSD or OS-X.

So far our tests have proven that it works great.  So if you are looking for an easy way to backup linux or freebsd systems onto a cloud solution check this out.  They even provide a script to help you do parallel rsync backup for even faster performance.

If you are on Ubuntu check out this article on how to get it setup.  If you aren't don't worry the documentation on the site is very complete.  There is a great wiki and active community.