What really happened between Microsoft and OpenStack...

Check out this article that tries to put some context to the discussion about what went wrong with between OpenStack and Microsoft.  Assuming that the facts are correct the story explains a lot.  According to this Microsoft let Citrix work on it's contribution to OpenStack.  When Citrix needed to re-task those developers the work on OpenStack stopped.  Instead of Microsoft stepping back in and picking it up they just let it stall.  Microsoft has committed to upping it's efforts and get things back on track.  We can only wait and see but this is pretty much par for the course where there interaction with open source is concerned.

SLES 11 SP2 is out and Linus hates how secure it is...

SUSE announced that they are making big changes with this SP.  In the past they have only done minor changes and updates.  This time the changes are a little bigger than normal.  They are updating the Kernel to version 3 and adding BRTFS.  This is a big change in the way they are doing business.  For all the details check out this article.

Just as they announced this Linux Torvalds took a few shots at them about their, in his opinion, over bearing security.  We have to agree that some areas like requireing root to change the timezone.  If you want to see some more of his comments check out htis link.

Episode 64 - The Showdown Open API's VS Open Source

Running Time: 39:58

1) Introduction

2) News

Everyone is saying there is money in that there Linux thing...

Google and Motorola get past the EU on their way to a merger

The DOJ is finally done looking over the patent deals from the Novell merger

Open Source VS. Open API's

3) Conclusion

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