IBM Joins the Cloud race with a Red Hat Linux based PaaS offering...

IBM is joining Amazon, Google, HP, Oracle and others in the Cloud space by offering their own solution in conjunction with Red Hat.  One of the first unique solution will be a CRM/ERP solution that uses SAP software.  This is an interesting collaboration.  It's interesting to see them joining the fray and following up on our previously reported story on the topic.  

Red Software + Blue Hardware = Purple Private Clouds has a cool article about the alliance between Red Hat and IBM starting to bring something to the market. It appears that what they have been working on is a packaged appliance like Cloud solution.  With Red Hat KVM Based virtualization and IBM Hardware they plan to make devices and sets of servers to compete with the ones being created by Cisco, EMC and VMWare.  Competition is cool but can they unseat the VMWare team?  Only time will tell.

Episode 23 - Catching up on the news...

Running Time: 45:31 The podcast can be found here. In this episode Joe and Brian pick out their favorite stories of the week and chat about them. Here are the links to the stories they discussed.
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The Google gPad
Open Source Telepresence is on it's way...

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