Security breaches just keep on coming...

According to several reports both and were hacked over the last few weeks.  Showing that both linux isn't perfect and that users are the weakest link in any operating systems armour.  In both cases nothing super secert from the users was stolen.  The attack is not an issue, as no one can update the kernel code or other software hosted at the site without a large nuber of contributors being told about the update.  So with everything safe and the users passsword changed we can all breath a sigh of relief and walk away remembering that even simple things like password policies are important.

Have you ever wondered what a root kit was?

Bill Keys on does a really good job of both explaining what they are and some tips on how to avoid, remove, and detect them.  It is a nice easy read that will help you get a good understanding of the topic.  Check it out.

TrendMicro reports Virus attack targeted at Routers...

TrendMicro is reporting that they have uncovered a virus targeting D-Link routers which are Linux based.  Once infected the router starts listening to IRC for botnet commands and can also start brute force atacking the Username and Password combinations it finds on the router.  They are still looking into what else the code may do.  They are identifing it as ELF_TSUNAMI.R and will be posting updates as they have them.  No mention of whether D-Link has posted an update to address the issue.  Since D-Link and TrendMicro are partners the solution may already be in place.  This is identified as a Low Risk, High Damage Poritential and Low threat for being spread. 
Are you running Antivirus software on your Linux machines?