Episode 46 - Life in the Mainstream

Now we know what will happen to Novell...

There are several articles out there on this out there but the one at ZDnet.com was both clear, as complete as possible and short.  The article covers the exact split but here is the short review.  Attachmate's old business and the identity management parts of Novell will become one part of the company.  Everything that was Novell before they bought Suse are now Novell again.  Finally and most important to use here Suse is going back to it's roots and back to Germany.  The sad news is that the folks connected to the Mono process were let liad off.  Not to worry though the leader of the team and the project has hit the ground running and started his own company.


What's in a name?

Andreas Jaeger Program Manager for openSuSE at Novell and the team he works with think that maybe it's time for a change.  They have come up with a list of eight variants on the numbering part of their naming for future releases.  They want people's input so here is your chance.  The possiblity of going Octal left me with a smile on my face.  In reality they should probably adopt a date driven versioning like Ubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora.  Check out the post and the explanations of how they came up with the list.  Then let them know what you think.