Episode 37 - Top things that happened in 2010

Running Time:  43:19

1) Introduction

2) This is a running list of things to consider for the top news of 2010

 Big Purchases in 2010:

   Novell get’s purchased - the patents that went to Microsoft

   Oracle buying Sun

   Palm get’s bought by HP

 Changes in the world of Open Source:

   Google World:

    Android shoots for world domination - Or at least Mobile Platform domination

    Google TV announced and delivered

    Chrome OS Pilot Program announced Beta’s of Chrome OS on VM’s

   Ubuntu abandons Xorg and Gnome for Wayland and Unity

   Mandrivia struggling/passing away...

   Tablet Market exploded with the introduction of IPad and Galaxy Tablet

3) Conclusion

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Novell, Novell, Novell....

You have to kind of wonder if the Red Hat CEO is starting to get jealous about all the press Novell is getting over this attempt to by them by the hedge fund.  So far I have found good articles on the net this week.  Their are several over on the var guy, linux-mag.com has a neat what if MS bought them proposal, and finally the nice folks over at h-online.com update us on the SCO battle. All in all I have to say it's been an exciting week for them. 

Check out the articles and let us know what you think.