Even a Black Duck can have a silver lining...

Have you ever needed help developing your Open Source Strategy?  Are you looking for someone to validate the one you do have?  Well then you may want to talk to Black Duck.  They are a consulting and software company that just made several acquisitions recently that put them in a great position to help companies of all sizes.  An article over at ZDNet talks about the latest purchase and recaps the previous ones.  So if this is something your looking for check it out.

Who will be your next Enterprise Architect?

First, what is an Enterprise Architect?  By most definitions it's a person with years of experience in building, designing and executing large system used to support businesses.  In other words the people that know and understand who the technology should fit together and work.  So as you would expect the pool of people that meet that criteria is rather small.  So several universities appear to be trying to shorten the learn curve and produce people to fill the growing need.  What need?  Well most large companies higher this type of person to help them avoid building systems that don't work or don't meet the businesses need.  This concept is moving down to smaller and smaller companies because this insight means that companies can increase the return on investment for their technology and then become more competitive.  This article over at Network World talks a little bit about what will probably be starting in the next few years.