Turnkey Linux takes it to 11...

Turnkey Linux announced that they have updated their version of Ubuntu on the popular Turnkey Servers to 10.4, the latest Long Term Support version.  They have also added a few new VM's.  If you haven't checked out what they have to offer now is a great time to do so.  The servers are easy to setup and support VMware, Parrallels, VirtualBox, Amazon EC2, and other virtualization platforms.

Virtual Box 4.0 First Look...

In case you missed it Sun Oracle Virtual Box 4.0 has been released.  We here at Linuxinstall.net have been a huge fan for sometime.  Brian even uses it to host a firewall.  The 3.x stream of development has been stable and easy to use.  We are doing some long term tests and will probably be releasing a review of some of the top virtualization options later this year.  We found a nice first look to hold you over until then over at linux-mag.com.  Ken Hess gives a quick run down and concludes that you will want to give it a try but you should probably wait to put it in production until later this spring when they have some of the remaining bugs worked out.  It's a short article and a good read so go check it out.

Episode 30 - And now here is Bill with the news...

The problems we had publishing the Podcast have been resolved.  Please enjoy the podcast.  Thank You for Listening. 
Running Time: 42:05
1) Introduction

Bill Novak is back in studio with us to talk about 3par and other news with us on this episode.
2) News
3par deal
Open Solaris Vs. Oracle
Googles Dirty Little Secert
and more....

3) Conclusion

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A special thanks to Bill for joining in our conversation this week.