One of the simplest ways to tunnel your traffic securely...

So the folks over at wrote up a great tutorial for tunneling through SSH.  What's so great about that?  Well it's an easy way to do simple stuff securely on your home or office network.  You only need to open up port 22 for SSH and point it to an SSH Server.  Then you can point to a local port and use SSH to get it to your destination server securely.

Wait...Can't someone just login to my machine that way?  If you take percausions like using only SSH Keys and not passwords and use a gawk script like this one over at  This script will create and send you a cool list of everyone who has and has tried logging in. 

WARNING!!!! I have had several customers and friends notice that their SSH Servers just get pounded with people trying to connect using default or bogus accounts.  So be sure to disable, remove or set the shell to /bin/false any account you aren't using.

Ever want to know how to do cool Command line tricks?

I ran across this site tonight,, while playing with G+.  It's a site with a lot of videos of how to do all kinds of useful stuff in Bash.  You can never beat seeing what it's gonna look like.  They have scripts going back several years.  They all looked pretty cool and most are less than 5 minutes. Check it out.