3 monitoring programs in one????

Well not really.  This article does a good job of explaining the difference between Nagios, Icinga and Opsview.  At the core these are all Nagios though.  Missing from this set is Groundwork Opensource which is also based on Nagios, which we reviewed last year.  If you haven't looked at the original or these two alternatives give the article a look.  If you are evaluating Network Monitoring/Datacenter Monitoring solutions to check out Zenoss, we we also reviewed last year.  While inspired by Nagios it is a completely new process.  But as a testiment to how awesome Nagios is still can use any Nagios plugins that you just can't live without.

Eps. 21 - The first ever interview...Matt and Mark from Zenoss

Running Time: 38:50 In this episoe Brian and Joe do their first interview with two of the guys from Zenoss. Mark R. Hinkle, VP Community, and Matt Ray, Community Manager, sat down with us this week and answered a lot of our open questions about Zenoss. No news this week so enjoy the interview. Go to http://linuxinstall.net/podcast/
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