Microsoft's Azure now supports Linux...Sort of..

Microsoft has announced that it wil now support Linux.  Well if you are running a few distros they will.  Those would be:

Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2

OpenSuse 12.01

CentOS 6.2

Ubuntu 12.04

If you didn't notice there is one very large distorbution missing from that list.  Red Hat and Fedora are not there but CentOS is.  CentOS is a dirivitive work off of Red Hat.  So it's not likely a driver issue.  It's more likely that it's a licensing and support contract thing.  We have another story about a contract they just signed so we know it's also unlikely that they aren't happy about working with each other.  Check out the podcast to hear us go into more detail about our thoughts on the whole situation.

OpenStack my drop Hyper-V support...

In a move to pressure a founding member to start pulling their weight the OpenStack team is considering pulling support for Microsoft's Hyper-V.  The developers are supposedly calling the Hyper-V code old and slow moving.  We saw the report from this article on  

Should they drop support?  Will this convince Microsoft to keep up with their commitments?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hey Guess what Microsoft is gonna do Linux....

Microsoft woke up to the fact that to do a cloud service you have to do linux.  It's now offical that in 2012 they will by popular demand be providing Linux servers on their Azure Cloud service. ZDNet has a nice article with a few more details about the announcement.