We now have Cotton Candy and Pi ready....

That's right Rasphberry Pi has become a reality.  Well the model B version did at least.  That is the one that is $35 and has 2 USB ports, 256MB of memory and an ethernet jack.  If you were one of the folks lucky enough to live in the UK and get one we are seriously jealous.(OK Brian is, Joe and Corey say they have enough projects.)  You had to order  literally in the first minute they were on sale because they sold out that quickly.  There are more being made and not one but two different vendors will be taking orders for the next round.  If you check out the Rasphberry Pi Project website you can find the links to get on the waiting list. (WARNING: they are doing a server migration on 3/7/2012 so there may be issues getting to the site that day.)


There is another small form factor but more expensive machine called Cotton Candy that is the size of a USB Thumb Drive.  It comes with more memory, a quad core Samsung ARM processor, and wifi.  The cost of these features however pushes the price up to $199.  Still a good deal if you need to keep a computer in your pocket.  Check out the details on both machines here.

Brian Wagner

Brian started working with *nix in while a student at Kent State University in the early 90's. In 1995, as an E-Mail Administrator for Caliber Technology (now part of Fedex) he was tasked with administering Sendmail on both Slackware Linux and Solaris Systems. His first home install of Linux was MkLinux DR1 in 1996 on his 60 Mhz PowerMac. Since then Brian has been working and consulting on Linux and it's uses in the Enterprise to support everything from E-Mail, Firewalls, Web and File serving to custom cluster solutions and grid solutions. Brian has had the opportunity to work in both Fortune 500 companies and small 2 person organizations. This has given him the unique insight into the differences every size business faces.