Harddrive speeds are the next big move in performance...

I found this article over at linux-mag.com talking about how performance might be boosted on mass storage devices or harddrives in the near future.  I say might becuase it's highly likely that something else will come out to leap frog what we know about today.  With the migration of Memory Managers/Controllers to the CPU die the next big leap in performance should be in disk technology.  This article and several others I have been reading lately seem to be pointing to hybrid SSD/Magnetic Disk media drives very soon.  Another strong contender is a what's old is new again idea of using volitale RAM as a storage media.  With the new lower power consuming memory and higher capacity capicitors the idea may be reaching a tipping point where it's both cost effective and safe to do.  We won't know for some time what companies like Western Digital and Seagate have been working on but they have been relatively quite for a while now and are due for something really big soon.  Faster disks always means faster Linux systems that can better meet the needs of business for the data intensive apps around Busness Intelligence and other data centric buzz words.

Brian Wagner

Brian started working with *nix in while a student at Kent State University in the early 90's. In 1995, as an E-Mail Administrator for Caliber Technology (now part of Fedex) he was tasked with administering Sendmail on both Slackware Linux and Solaris Systems. His first home install of Linux was MkLinux DR1 in 1996 on his 60 Mhz PowerMac. Since then Brian has been working and consulting on Linux and it's uses in the Enterprise to support everything from E-Mail, Firewalls, Web and File serving to custom cluster solutions and grid solutions. Brian has had the opportunity to work in both Fortune 500 companies and small 2 person organizations. This has given him the unique insight into the differences every size business faces.