Episode 12 - Goggle Wave, Motorola Droid, and Change Management

1) Introduction

We talk about our first impressions of Google Wave

Brian talks about life with his newest toy the Motorola Droid

2) News

How Google uses Linux and Modifies the Kernel...

The EU doesn't understand how OpenSource works and is slowing if not killing the purchase of Sun by Oracle because of it.

This week also marked the release of Ubuntu 9.10/Karmic Koola  which Brian installed without a single problem.  Really nice job team.  Oh and it boots a lot quicker.

3) Change Management

4) Conclusion

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This episode can be found here and runs 1 hour 13 minutes 9 Seconds.

(Yeah it's a long one but we talked about Wave and Droid for a good 30 minutes at the beginning  of the show.)