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Linuxinstall.net Episode 107 Live Recording....

In last weeks episode the linuxinstall.net team took author Jeff Knupp
to task for his article "How 'DevOps' is Killing the Developer".  This week we are going to give him a chance to respond.  We will be recording a live our normal G+ Hangout(https://plus.google.com/events/cslg230svp2k9bud64mh54bq0fc) on Tuesday April 22, 2014 @8PM with Mr. Knupp.  He will be on to discuss the article and the significant response to it.  If you have any questions for him please let the us know via Tweet(@linuxinstall), Google+(https://plus.google.com/+LinuxinstallNet), or via E-Mail podcast@linuxinstall.net.

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Linuxinstall.net Episode 102 Live Recording....

On this podcast we are going to talk about the following:

1) Introduction


2) What we are up to with Linux?

                Arch vs Gentoo vs Fedora/Redhat vs *Ubuntu/Mint


What made you love or hate any of the ones you choose?


Your choice of Top Distro for:


SMB Servers

Enterprise Servers

(Is there a difference between the two types of Servers?)


Brian will be putting this together in a blog post when we are done.


3) Conclusion

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Brian Wagner - devopsmastery.com


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Live Podcast Recording - Episode 91

Currently on the list of things we will talk about...

OLF Recap part 2(Brian’s comments):

MongoDB Aggregation Deep Dive (Mathias Stearn) - MongoDB is an open source data store that provides high performance for storage and retrieval at large scale. This presentation will focus on MongoDB's native implementation of the Aggregation Framework. We'll take a look at real world examples of analyzing data using the Aggregation Framework with its primary developer Mathias Stearn. This session will include examples and practical strategies for aggregating data using a Zipcode Database as an example.

Podcasting with Linux (DoorToDoorGeek) - I will talk about the tools and techniques to podcast with professional quality on Linux and do all the post-production in Linux with tools that are easy to use.

Identity Management with Open Source Tools (Dmitri Pal) - The talk will cover the FreeIPA and partially SSSD projects introducing FreeIPA as the first fully functional open source centralized authentication and identity management solution comparable to Active Directory in its capabilities but focusing primarily on the identity management needs of the Linux and UNIX client systems. Brian will give a quick reason why he wanted to do this one.

IPython for non-Pythonistas (Catherine Devlin) - Break out of your (bash) shell! IPython and the IPython Notebook have swept over the Python programming community, but they're not just for Python programmers - they make for high-powered shell replacements even with little to no Python knowledge. They'll also let you document your work and collaborate with others like never before. Find out how these beautiful tools can improve your daily Linux work!

Packetfence: The Open Source NAC (Richard Gingerich) - Packetfence is one of the few FOSS network access control offerings available today. Designed for flexibility, it is able to work with a wide range of network devices and designs to unobtrusively secure internal resources along with providing secure guest access. Brian will try to explain the open questions and stuff.


Plus we have a bunch of News and Gaming on Linux stuff to talk about.... Come check it out. 


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